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The lessons in Biology Manual I, Molecules & Cells will include:

1.1 Properties of Water
1.2 Elements, Atoms and the Periodic Table

1.3 Building Molecules from Atoms
1.4 Basic Processes

1.5 Osmosis
1.6 Pattern Matching (classes of organic molecules)
1.7 Cells
1.8 Mitosis
1.9 Text-Set-Go-Round
1.10 Invitations to Learn
1.11 Role Play Expert

Lessons for teaching biology to prospective elementary school teachers will be posted at this site. These lessons were developed in a biology course (Natural Sciences 412C, Process and Inquiry in the Life Sciences) for senior Liberal Studies majors at San Diego State University. The lessons can readily be adapted by practicing teachers for use in elementary school classrooms. They require simple materials.

In order to interpret and use thes lessons, you will want to review the underlying Instructional Philosophy.Each biology lesson and some experiments have SemNet icons associated with them. When you click on these icons it will bring you to the corresponding SemNet frame for that lesson. To get back to the lesson or experiment, simply press the "back" button in your browser.


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